The gallery below contains 20 affixes for your reference.

Test Yourself

The content of the above test gallery will be changed periodically.  Click it to do the exercise.

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The above free test is on medical affixes.  Think about it as a scavenger hunt, like we used to play as kids. We provided a few affixes that are related to medical terms.  See how many you can remember.  Once you have these terms, they are yours to own to build your knowledge and find the clues in our method.  After reading the book, you will have a better understanding of how the method works.

Upon you assimilate the method via reading the book or taking the classes, memorizing medical affixes will be a breeze for you.

See which ones you know, kind of know or have no idea about.  If you have any difficulty to remember those affixes and would like to have the meaning and 100% spelling of them, we can help. Refer to the following examples.