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TAKE THE STEPS Please refer to

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1) Use your knowledge and logic to memorize things that you do not know
2) Use that to link to memorize the unknown. Then you will never forget
3) The definition of your knowledge is memorized naturally rather than deliberately (i.e. rote)
4) If you use rote memorization, you will forget eventually. (For example, have you ever forgotten the work experience you were able to close your eyes to do for years?)
5) This technique is not in traditional flashcards to memorize. Sure that works, but only for a short time.

Memorizing words is very difficult when you do it with brute-force or rote.  Fortunately it is not the only way.  Using logic to memorize words is our method.  We have developed a method for people to memorize vocabulary easily and efficiently. The fundamentals of this method is utilizing one’s known knowledge and logic to derive and memorize one’s unknown.  

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