After just two weeks of training that include 100-hour self practice on the method properly, you can literally have an ability to memorize a dictionary.

Pick two from the following examples for your video:

Examples 1
Chop it up:
Catecholamines – a neuron transmitter in the brain
Cat + echo + la + mines

affable - easy to approach
af + fable
af means towards
fable is a fairy tale

asphalt - sticky substance
asp + halt
asp means snake
halt means stop

Examples 2

Remove a letter: The letters in ( ) are removed
Pres(s) + tige(r)
Think Tiger Woods. He is in the press and we all know his name is Tiger.

Yegg – a safe cracker
(e)ye + g(i)g

You need a good eye to pull off the gig. So it is an eye gig hence Yegg.

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Another submission

A good memorization method should overcome the following questions?

1. How can you prove you will remember something for life using any technique?

2. What method have you used before and is your memory better, the same or going down?

3. How would you quantify your long-term memory?

Our method can resolve all of the above questions.

By using our 8 fundamentals we can memorize any vocabulary.  Here are some surface level examples of our technique. Let me give you two examples today.