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Our company has a streamlined linear as a to the point business model. Anybody, literally any employee, has the opportunity to become president of the company. The term is fifteen months for the president. Then someone else will take the role who has proven themselves. Why fifteen months? Well it give three months of learning a curve to learn the business side. The new president will be set to hit the ground running. We set people up to succeed, not to fail.

If you learn the method and know the method and bring in income for the company, you can work your way into a CEO role. But you have to have the aptitude, passion, loyalty and foremost morality. If that fits you, you are good fit for us.

As an employee your benefits include:

  • Group health insurance

  • Ability to work remotely

  • Potential to rise to president of the company

Would GE or Ford or Microsoft offer that? No. We do. There are no egos or typical corporate drama and behind the door deals.

It's really is that simple. Join our team and produce and you can be the one at the top. Who knows, your name could be on Wikipedia if the dedication and desire is there.

We don't believe in layered organizational charts. We believe, we are all egos.

I understand it seems so simple it's complicated, but it really is that simple. We cut through the red tape and protect our company that we view as family.

We also encourage and will help employees to donate or contribute to charitable contributions. Though not required, we believe in karma and helping others. In addition, the company will facilitate any business idea that the employee has a passion for doing. As long as it is a good business model and sound, we will help you to pursue your dreams.