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Our Mission

By teaching yourself to focus and concentrate, you can clear your head from the clutter.  You won't worry about what you have to buy at the store or what bill has to be paid.  You will have a serenity and peace.  It is more about concentration and brain training.  To be able to memorize better is just a benefit due to the concentration and the correct concentration using the fundamentals of our method.  So this method is really two-fold...brain training and peace of mind. Both are equally important.

How we started

Two years ago, I met a man. He was pleasant man, and my wife and I both liked him. He was soft-spoken, always had a smile and seemed just at peace really. Our conversations, albeit brief, were basically a wave and smile.

One day he came to my door. It was the first time he ever came to my front porch. My dogs were barking and I pushed them back so I could open the door to see what he wanted or needed without the dogs jumping on him.He just had a clipboard and pen in hand and his gentle smile. He asked me if I wanted to take a memorization test. It was a contest. I am pretty bright, so I figured what the hell. I might win the prize.Then he looked at me and said, “You are sick”. Nobody ever said that to me, I hide it well. But he was right. I do have illness; some self-inflicted, some just bad luck. He wanted to treat me with some method where he digs his elbow in your tendons. Trust me, it is not fun. It hurts. It is far from a massage, but it worked. I could actually walk around normally. We will save that method for another book though.

Anyway, back to the memorization. After his pitch about his memory techniques, I was intrigued. Very skeptical but intrigued. We began my daily “Dr. Pain” treatments, as I called them, and we started to talk about his memorization method. After more talking during the “Dr. Pain” treatments, I started to buy in...but I still was not sure. I have three degrees and have worked in upper academics and taught master's level courses. I was still skeptical. I know that the first step to knowledge is knowing nothing, but you have to have street smarts too.

He proved it to me. One week later, we had a meeting with a vice president of nationally-known bank who had connections to ramp up the business.  That's when the ball started to roll. I knew he was not pulling a sham. What showed me more was neither his connections nor proof of his leverage and knowledge, but the fact if I applied his method, and I did. And IT WORKED!I was astounded.

I told him, “Michael, you can make millions off of this.” He blinked, nodded his head gently and said, “Yes. I know, but I just need enough to get by. I don't need money”. That is how me and Michael started Memory for Many and became friends. I don't know how long I may live. But if I can use my talents and knowledge to provide this skill that will enhance your life, living or dead, that will be my legacy.This book is for you. All you have to do is apply to help many.Do that, and that is my legacy is set and my gift to you Michael and hopefully many. - Justin 

"Memory for Many is about morality, helping many and their memory for a lifetime.  We want to help as many people master the gift of memory by our brain-training method.  Our goal is not only to help the individual's life with the power of our brain, but also help many in need through the world."

It's easy to just use spell-check to grab your spelling mistakes or go to Google to find the answer of a question.  Everyone does that.  I used do, too.  I feel guilty doing so after I learn the method from Memory for Many.  It  is a brain-development method; it is about a lifestyle and a way of thinking.  Since then I am not dependent on Google or spell-check any more.  Besides, knowing vast knowledge will help you in the workplace, get that better job, make you more efficient at work.  If nothing else impress you, how about your friends know that you memorize the periodic table by heart? Moreover, it is a concentration training, too. 

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